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GO RUN GO PHYSIO provides complete assessment and treatment planning for sports or spinal injuries. The focus is to restore the function to the optimum level within the client’s capacity and to be pain free. Some of the treatment techniques are discussed below :

  • Manual Therapy – used to optmise healing and to restore pain free range of movement.
  • Soft Tissue Massage – to promote healing and increase flexibility to muscles, tendons and ligaments following injuries.
  • Exercise Prescription – important for strength, stretching and healing. It prevents recurrence of injury.
  • Electrotherapy – therapeutic ultra sound, interferential, TENS and other Physiotherapy related modalities to encourage healing and reduce inflammation.
  • Support – by using sports tape, braces, slings, crutches etc.
  • Spinal Posture Education and Rehabilitation.
  • Return to work planning and education.
  • Hydrotherapy advice and classes.
  • MAT Pilates exercises.
  • Dry Needling – to release the muscle tension.